Corrupted Obsession

by Delincuente

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We are one of the first original heavy metal horror rap bands.


She's lying there breathless is her body
Fresh from the coffin so there's no signs of her rotting
Nothing gets me harder than a mangled dead bitch
Lying naked on the ground she's going to get this dick

Her remains left to play my vicious sex game
She's been dead for a day with the smell of decay
I force myself in and the pleasure begins
Hot lifeless corpse has me buried deep in

Over and over I can't stop the penetration
While I'm using the dead blood as my fuckslut's lubrication
A sadistic sensation is coursing through my head
My corrupted obsession has me inside the dead

Emotionless she lies as I come deep in
Fresh little cunt getting bruised and torn up
Abusing the dead body the whole night has left my prick sore
I'll be back and I'll be wanting more

Corrupted Obsession I'm deep in your trail of blood
Corrupted Obsession I'm fantasizing the dead fuck
I know she's out there I know she's worried
It turns me on to have her when she's dead and buried

Gently I cut a hole deep in the flesh of the stomach
I'm inside the body no screaming no bleeding
Cut open the organs are spilling the maggots are crawling
And eating her body I can't get enough of this young teenage body
And I'm raping the corpse that is dead on the ground

She's cold and dead cadaver bloody red
With her mutilated head lying in my bed
If only she knew that she's a real good fuck
Gives me what I want while she's dead as fuck

Virgin from life turned a whore after life
Leaving scar after scar as I cut with my knife
Penetrating the cavity constantly living my abnormal fantasy
Rapidly losing my sanity while fornicating with human anatomy

Searching for my next sex slave in the obituaries
Livor mortis angel new arrival in the mortuary

I arrived at the scene for my next fresh carcass
Suicide girl who slit the vein in her wrist
It's such a shame she had to die like this
I hope an incessant fuck was her last dying wish

I know you're out there I know you're worried
It turns me on to have you when you're dead and buried


released February 26, 2017
Vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, lyrics, mixing, mastering - Delincuente

Track artwork - Otto Lehtonen

Recorded at the Central Arizona College 48-track studio.

Special thanks to Dylan Marley (Assistant Engineer) and Manlio Peinado (Assistant Engineer)



all rights reserved


Delincuente Casa Grande, Arizona

Hailing from the sweltering deserts of Arizona, Delincuente is a metal band like no one has ever seen. With inspirations like Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Cannibal Corpse, Delincuente has a unique sound: combining metal instrumentation, with demonic rap vocals, and haunting lyrics. ... more

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