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An original, dark, sadistic style of rap and metal with cold blooded beats and extremely violent lyrics.


What have I become?
A heartless human soul with no feelings of love?
Hatred is eating my heart
Insanity is tearing me apart

My own bloodline now shes mine
Trapped in the basement for nobody to find
No regards of human life there is no care in my head
And if you cross me you know you’re dead

Scream all you want no one will hear you
Keep crying baby doll you know there's nothing you can do
I brought you in this world to feel your own misery
And 'til the moment that you die your precious body is for me

My satisfaction is all you're here for
Your fresh little face is what I adore
Waste away little one you were never wanted
In this world I brought you in you were meant to be nothing

I'm demented from the shattered fragments of my brain
My name means devastation I'm the one who owns your pain
I'll be remembered as a savior through the end of time
Always be remembered as a savior

Your life is mine

Brutal torture hateful violent beatings
Multiple contusions bringing never-ending screaming
I am corrupted I like it when you suffer
The pleasure that it brings me is not like any other

In this sick little game we play you are the target
The things that I'll do to you you'll never forget
Have I lost my mind or have I let them take my soul?
The underground is a place where it will never be shown

Nine months after blessing a new bloodline comes into
Her new life as an angel bound to the bed locked in a cell nowhere to go
"I was born to rape" to escape my mental torture
The screams of your unwanted pleasure are telling me that the life of a born savior is coming closer

What will she become?
A precious human soul with the feeling of love?
Soon the day will come when I rise up out of the ashes
And to the fallen I will be a savior of the masses


Run, run, it's only in your dreams
It's the moment that you realize you cannot escape from me

Run, run, it's only in your dreams
All those painful memories are your new reality


released June 13, 2016
Vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, lyrics, mixing, mastering - Delincuente

Track artwork - Otto Lehtonen

Recorded at Central Arizona College 48-track studio.

Special thanks to:
Dylan Marley, Brenton Story



all rights reserved


Delincuente Casa Grande, Arizona

Hailing from the sweltering deserts of Arizona, Delincuente is a metal band like no one has ever seen. With inspirations like Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Cannibal Corpse, Delincuente has a unique sound: combining metal instrumentation, with demonic rap vocals, and haunting lyrics. ... more

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